1st! ish...

Although, not 'technically' my first post, it is my first relevant post after deciding what I'll use this blog for... as I has many blogs in different places for different things.

This has ultimately become my Art/Photo blog... the problem herein lies... I'm too lazy to take photo's right now... so EVENTUALLY this will also serve as a photoblog lol

So yeah, here's a little something to kick things off, I'd thought I try something different, well not really different, but I'm gonna try and go draw pictures based on songs that I hear/like/listen to.

So without further adieu


Could you guess what it was?
probably not eh? lol
Relient K - Must have done something right

I have a few more songs I want to do this to, but not all of them make it easy for me
although I do like how this piece turned out =3

rarw, until the next random update!


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